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Plum Island Cookie Company

The other day, I got this great marketing offer via email from Local Ginger. It was for Halloween cookies from the Plum Island Cookie Company. They make FANTASTIC gourmet french butter cookies usually in the shape of a sand dollar. I didn’t even hesitate when I saw the offer and quickly went online to place my order before it expired. Today, I called to place my order and will be picking up my cookies — in the shapes of pumpkins and black cats — this coming Saturday morning. It’ll be a special treat for the kids this year and hopefully, for me as well!

As I was ordering, I got to thinking that there are alot of entrepeneurs and small business owners on the island. Plum Island Soap company, Plum Island Silver, Plum Island Cookie, etc… Got me thinking again about my original post which asked the question “why do certain people choose to live on a small barrier island?” Perhaps in addition to enjoying the raw nature and beauty around them, they are free thinkers; creative, expressive, and in need of flexibility and less structure.
Not sure I’ll ever know the answer, but either way, I’ll certainly enjoy those melt-in-your-mouth cookies this coming weekend.

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